Preciosa Pips – Versatile and Easy to Use

Preciosa pips are such a versatile bead – they come in a huge range of colours and make gorgeous flowers, delicate edgings and clusters. Preciosa Pips These 5x7mm pip beads are perfect for creating lovely flower shapes.  They are make

Baros and Konos par Puca

Check out the Baros and Konos par Puca beads that have just been launched by Annick Puca, the creator of Les Perles par Puca.  Together they create a unique combination.  They’re also designed to work with the 16 other beads in

Beaded Beads par Puca

You can make beaded Beads par Puca using many of Les Perles par Puca.  If you love beaded beads, check out our projects by Annick Puca for beads which you can use to make necklaces, earrings and bag charms.  You

Matubo Multi-hole Beaded Beads

A fantastic variety of Matubo multi-hole beaded beads can be made by adding some of the Matubo multi-hole beads such as gemduos, ginkos and nib-bits,  These come in the same range of gorgeous colours as the Matubo seed beads including

Matubo Beaded Beads

Pretty Matubo beaded beads can be created using their round seed beads, superduo and miniduo seed beads and other staples such as bicones and fire-polished beads.  Check out our Matubo projects including designs for beaded bead necklaces and earrings using these

Beaded Beads Jewellery

We love beaded beads jewellery and here are some of our favourite beads to use plus projects and design ideas.  They use a wide variety of beads from fire-polished beads, bicones and pearls to multi-hole beads like candy beads and CzechMates

Earrings with Cabochons par Puca

We have some great projects for earrings with Cabochons par Puca.  The cabochons can be combined with Les Perles par Puca to create some stunning designs.  These projects use the 14mm and 18mm round cabochons and the oval Athos par

More Pendants with Les Perles par Puca

We have some more ideas from Annick Puca for creating pendants with Les Perles par Puca using wire circles, including pretty decorative edgings.  Plus we have some projects using filigree metal circles and Lacy’s Stiff Stuff to create stunning pendants using

Les Perles par Puca Pendants & Connectors

Try making Les Perles par Puca Pendants with Wire Connectors – it’s a great way to expand the possibilities with this versatile range of multi-hole beads.  We have some great projects from Annick Puca for you to download. Les Perles

Using Rose Montees in Jewellery Making

Using rose montees is a great way of adding extra sparkle and a different element to your jewellery making.  They are easy to combine with other beads and work particularly well with multi-hole beads such as gemduos, honeycomb and arcos