New CzechMates Cabochons, CzechMates Beams and Prong Beads

The latest additions to the CzechMates beads are the new CzechMates cabochons, CzechMates beams and Prong beads.  The Prong bead is not a multi-hole bead but has been designed to work with the CzechMates dimensional beading system. All the designs shown here are by the Starman TrendSetters.  The patterns are available on our website when

Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads

Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads were all developed by the French jewellery designer, Annick Puca,  and are therefore known as Les Perles (beads) par Puca.  They are designed to work together as well as individually and can therefore be used in many combinations. You can view our

Matubo Superduos, Miniduos and Seed Beads

Matubo superduos, miniduos and seed beads come in a beautiful range of Czech colours and are invaluable for bead-weaving. Matubo superduos, miniduos and seed beads come in a wonderful range of Czech colours and finishes Some of the finishes are shown below including Picasso and travertine effects, capri finishes and matt metallics. We stock over

Toho Demi-round Seed Beads

Toho demi-round seed beads have the same diameter and hole size as the round seed beads but are thinner.  The 8/0 demi-round seed beads are 2.2×0.9mm thick while the 11/0 demi-round seed beads are 2.2×1.5mm. The demi-rounds have been developed by Toho in collaboration with Starman to create a new concept in seed beading.  You can

2-hole DiamonDuos

The 2-hole DiamonDuos are 2x8mm and have a lovely facetted top. The diamond shape means that they nestle together to form beautiful mosaic patterns. The 2-hole Diamonduos are easy to use We have some lovely Bead Master patterns which can be downloaded from our website or you can download patterns here The Diamonduos can simply be

CzechMates Dimensional Beading System

CzechMates multi-hole beads will add depth and intricacy to your beadwork and enable you to create striking multi-dimensional designs.  Here is a brief overview of the 9 beads and some design ideas showing you can use them. The 9 multi-hole beads currently in the CzechMates Dimensional Beading System: 2-hole CzechMates tile beads 2 hole CzechMates brick beads

Halloween Jewellery

There’s still time to make Halloween jewellery using some spooky charms or orange, lime green and black beads for a vibrant pop of Halloween colours. We have a short guide to quick and fun makes for Halloween jewellery.  Click here to download our guide to bracelets and earrings. The guide includes ideas with some Swarovski glamour and adult appeal as well as easy

How to Make Halloween Beaded Spiders and Spider Webs

Beaded spiders are great fun to make for Halloween. You can also make an easy spider web and hang it as an ornament. Making a Beaded Spider The spiders are made by wiring big beads together to make the head and body.  You can then create wire legs to wrap around the body and bead them. We made these

New Czech 2-hole Silky Beads

These 2-hole silky beads come in a great range of colours and are very easy to use. They measure 6x6mm and are 3.7mm high.  One side has a central ridge and the other is flat and they can be used either way up.  They have 2 parallel 1mm holes which run diagonally across the bead. Their shape

Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18 – The Nature of Us

Swarovski have just launched their latest “The Nature of Us” Innovations.  This includes some fabulous new colours and beads which we are busy adding to our website. New Swarovski Colours The new Crystal Lacquer Pro Effects Ivory Cream, Dark Red and Dark Grey highlight these on-trend hues and  subtle, timeless colour palette. The three classic