New Preciosa Terra Intensive Seed Beads

These lovely Preciosa Terra Intensive seed beads are the latest additions to our huge colour range and are already proving very popular.  The strong vibrant shades are great for all kinds of jewellery making and we have some great designs

Swarovski Innovations – Time to Shine

The new Swarovski Innovations – Time to Shine – includes a gorgeous new pear cut pendant, new mystic and elongated oval fancy stones and the Dome round stones.  There is a lovely new Iris colour, six opal shimmer effects and

Piros par Puca Beads

The Piros par Puca beads are the latest new beads by Annick Puca, the creator of Les Perles par Puca.  As they’re designed to work with the thirteen other beads in the range you can create many more design options.

Czech Glass Dagger Beads

These popular Czech glass dagger beads are very versatile.  The traditional shape of these 5x16mm drop beads makes them very useful for creating beautiful earrings and necklaces.  The daggers also make beautiful drops on beaded ornaments and are perfect for

Czech Glass Pinch Beads

These pretty little 5x3mm Czech glass pinch beads are very versatile and are a great addition to your beading stash.  They combine well with many other beads and are a great all-rounder.  We’ve put together some projects and design ideas

Les Perles par Puca Charleston Collection

The new Charleston Collection by Annick Puca, the creator of Les Perles par Puca, has been launched to celebrate the centenary of the “Roaring Twenties”.  We have some lovely new patterns and new colours in the Arcos, Ilos and Helios

Candy Ovals from Preciosa

Just in is our first batch of the new 2-hole candy ovals from Preciosa, based on their very popular round candy beads.  The new oval cabochon shape and the three sizes mean that this is a very versatile bead.  Its

Samos par Puca Beads

The Samos par Puca beads are one of the most popular  beads in Les Perles par Puca range.  These 2-hole oval cabochons measure 5x7mm and are a very versatile shape and size.  They’re designed to be used on their own

Matubo Gemduos – Versatile 2-hole Beads

The 2-hole Matubo gemduos  are one of the most popular multi-hole beads.  Their diamond shape means that they are very versatile.  They nestle together beautifully but also work well with other 2-hole beads.  We have some lovely free projects from

Telos par Puca Beads

The innovative Telos par Puca beads are created by the Parisian designer, Annick Puca, and these unique handmade beads offer many creative design opportunities. You can combine them with the other beads in Les Perles par Puca range and choose