Matubo 2-hole Nib-bits – new from the creators of the Superduos

Matubo 2-hole Nib-bits are the new bead from the maker of the very popular superduos, miniduos and seed beads.  It joins their first 2-hole bead, the Rulla. Matubo 2-hole Nib-bits These 6x5mm triangular beads will add a distinctive new look to your jewellery.  Their chunky wedge shape makes these beads stand out while at the same

3-hole Cali Beads from BeadMaster USA

3-hole Cali beads are the latest new shape from Beadmaster in USA. These 3x8mm beads have double concave sides.  When used as spacers they have an elegant organic curve that lifts the design.  They can also be combined with other beads to create more complex designs.  They have double-convex rounded sides which frame seed beads beautifully.

Swarovski Innovations – Spring/Summer 2018

Swarovski Innovations – Spring/Summer 2018 Just launched are the Swarovski Innovations – Spring/Summer 2018 with the latest Swarovski crystal beads, pearls, pendants, flatbacks and stones and some gorgeous new colour ranges.  We have selected our highlights here but you can find more information on our website New Swarovski Shimmer Effect “The soft yet elegant effect radiates

2-hole Candy Beads – easy to use 8mm cabochons from Preciosa Ornela

2-hole candy beads from Preciosa Ornela are 8mm easy to use beads.  It is a cabochon which means it has a domed or rounded top with a flat base.    This versatile shape enables it to be used for simple stringing projects. It can also be incorporated into more complex designs. The Candy beads come in a huge

Toho Seed Beads – Quality Japanese Seed Beads

Toho seed beads are very high quality seed beads Toho seed beads are high quality Japanese seed beads which are renowned for their consistent size and shape.  They also have a large hole which allows multiple threads to pass through. Four sizes of the Toho traditional round seed beads are available 15/0, 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0 seed beads

New CzechMates Cabochons, CzechMates Beams and Prong Beads

New CzechMates Cabochons, CzechMates Beams and Prong Beads The latest additions to the CzechMates beads are the New CzechMates Cabochons, CzechMates Beams and Prong Beads.  The Prong bead is not a multi-hole bead but has been designed to work with the CzechMates dimensional beading system. All the designs shown here are by the Starman TrendSetters.

Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads

Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads Kheops, Arcos, Minos and Ios par Puca beads were all developed by the French jewellery designer, Annick Puca,  and are therefore known as Les Perles (beads) par Puca.  They are designed to work together as well as individually and can therefore be used in many combinations. You can view our

Matubo Superduos, Miniduos and Seed Beads

Matubo superduos, miniduos and seed beads come in a beautiful range of Czech colours and are invaluable for bead-weaving. Matubo superduos, miniduos and seed beads come in a wonderful range of Czech colours and finishes Some of the finishes are shown below including Picasso and travertine effects, capri finishes and matt metallics. We stock over

Toho Demi-round Seed Beads

Toho demi-round seed beads have the same diameter and hole size as the round seed beads but are thinner.  The 8/0 demi-round seed beads are 2.2×0.9mm thick while the 11/0 demi-round seed beads are 2.2×1.5mm. The demi-rounds have been developed by Toho in collaboration with Starman to create a new concept in seed beading.  You can

2-hole DiamonDuos

The 2-hole DiamonDuos are 2x8mm and have a lovely facetted top. The diamond shape means that they nestle together to form beautiful mosaic patterns. The 2-hole Diamonduos are easy to use We have some lovely Bead Master patterns which can be downloaded from our website or you can download patterns here The Diamonduos can simply be