Using Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix to Embellish Clothing and Accessories

Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix

Swarovski flatbacks hotfix are ideal for customising your own clothing and accessories  These flatbacks have a special glue on the back which, when heated, bonds the flatback firmly to the material to which it is attached.

Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks – Xilion Rose and Xirius Rose flatbacks

The most popular Swarovski flatbacks are the round stones.  The Swarovski 2038 Xilion Rose flatbacks and the Swarovski 2078 Xirius Rose flatbacks are multi-facetted stones whose cut create a sparkling quality stone.

The most popular sizes are SS12 which has a 3mm diameter and SS20 which has a 4.7mm diameter

These hotfix stones come in a wide range of colours which you can view here


Other Swarovski flatback shapes

The latest Swarovski Innovations, Wanderlust have introduced some new shapes which are great for geometric patterns.

Swarovski-Diamond-FlatbackSwarovski-Kite-Flatback Swarovski-Trapeze-Flatback

The previous Swarovsk Innovation, Light and Shadow, introduced the jewel cut flatbacks

Pear-flatback Marquise Flatback Emerald-cut-flatback

There is also a Swarovski flatback skull available for a more quirky look

Swarovski Skull Flatbacks
Skull Flatbacks

There are also a range of traditiona shapes such as hearts, flowers, squares and navettes available..

How to Apply Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix

These stones are normally applied using a hot fix applicator.  The hot fix tool has a range of different size tips which can be fitted, according to the size of the stones you wish to use.  The tool will heat the metal tip which is then held to the stone. This will then melt the glue sufficiently for it to be applied to suitable material.  Once the glue has cooled, the glue forms a firm bond with the material.  Using a hotfix tool allows you to position the Swarovski hotfix flatbacks very precisely.  This technique allows the easy application of flatbacks, for example to create a random pattern or name. You can also use it to create quite intricate patterns like the flower design below.

Using a Hotfix Tool
Using a Hotfix Tool


Using Swarovski Hotfix to Embellish Clothing and Accessories

Swarovski hotfix can be applied to all kinds of clothing and accessories to give an individual and personal touch.  Examples would include shoes, clutch bags, purses and jeans pockets.  They are, of course, also wonderful to use on bridal wear and accessories.

Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix
Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix

Embellishing Home Furnishing

They can also be used to embellish your home furnishing such as cushions, curtain tie-backs, mirrors and picture frames.

Laura Ells