Candy Ovals from Preciosa

Just in is our first batch of the new 2-hole candy ovals from Preciosa, based on their very popular round candy beads.  The new oval cabochon shape and the three sizes mean that this is a very versatile bead.  Its simple shape makes it easy to use but it can also be incorporated into more complex designs, for example to surround a rivoli.

Preciosa Candy Ovals

These new beads are based on the popular round candy beads but are a very versatile oval cabochon shape.  The new beads come in three sizes – 4x6mm, 6x8mm and 10x12mm. This, therefore, makes them very versatile allowing lots of design options just with the candy oval beads or when combining them with other beads.

candy ovals
Preciosa candy ovals in three sizes


The colours include some of the most popular shades making it easy to mix and match them with other beads.  Preciosa have also introduced the new silver and gold “granite” colours in opaque green turquoise and opaque red.  These make great addition and contrast well with the traditional opaque shades.  View the full colour range here

Candy ovals
Candy ovals bracelet with new granite effect beads

These 2-hole oval candy beads are great for quick makes and the symmetrical shape of the smaller sizes are very good for earrings.

Candy ovals
Candy ovals earrings with pendant

However, they can also be used for more complex designs.  The oval shape makes them a good choice for making a pretty surround for a focal beads such as a rivoli.

Candy ovals
Candy ovals and rivoli earrings


Candy Oval Pendant


The choice of sizes and ability to use the small oval candy beads around a focal bead also make them ideal for bridal jewellery

Candy ovals
Candy ovals bridal jewellery

Projects from Preciosa

We have some easy projects from Preciosa including this quick-make Beetle bracelet.  You can find these free downloadable projects on our website.  Just click on the pink Projects Download button on the top left of the category.

Candy ovals
Candy ovals Beetle Bracelet



Laura Ells