Rose Montees for Embroidery and Jewellery

Rose montees are popular for embroidery but can also make beautiful jewellery.  You can buy them ready made or make your own, giving you a wide choice of colours.  They’re easy to use and are great for adding a different element and sparkle to your jewellery.

What are Rose Montees?

The full name is chaton rose montees.  Chaton rose means a flat stone or flatback and montees means the setting. A rose montee is a round flatback stone in a setting.  The setting has 4 holes in a criss-cross channel so that you can sew through it.  They can be used for embroidery and also make lovely jewellery.

Rose Montees
Rose Montees and Settings

Rose montees may be confused with chaton montees.  Chaton montees are pointed back stones in settings.  The domed setting has 4 holes at the base so it can also be sewn through.  A chaton montee has a setting which is more cup-shaped and deeper in order to hold the pointed-back stone.  These are good for using with other stones in sew-on settings.

High quality rose montees are available from companies like Preciosa Crystal.

Rose Montees
Preciosa Crystal Rose Montees

How to Make Rose Montees

You can also make your own which gives you a wide choice of colours.  You can find a good range of sizes and colours of Preciosa Crystal flatbacks no hotfix on our website

If you use no hotfix crystal flatbacks you can choose a wide range of colours.  You can also buy settings for the most popular sizes.

To make the rose montee just pick up the flatback stone and place it in the setting.  Then just close the claws of the setting to hold the stone in place.

If you are making a lot you can find tools to help you make them.

A jewel setter or magical pick is a useful aide.  This will help you pick up the flatback stone and place it into position on the setting.

Setting tools are available such as the one below which has four interchangeable tips.  Just place the flatback stone into position in the setting.  Then press the tool straight down to push the setting claws into place over the stone.

Rose Montees
Setting Tool for Making Rose Montees
Rose Montees
Setting Tool with Interchangeable Tips

Laura Ells