Arcos par Puca Beads

The Arcos par Puca beads are one of the most popular of Les Perles par Puca.  Their curved shape lends itself to a host of creative designs and we have many great projects to inspire you. Arcos par Puca Beads

Paros par Puca Beads

The symmetrical Paros par Puca beads are a very useful addition to the par Puca beads.  They’re designed to be able to be used with any of the other beads to create yet more beautiful designs.  We also have lots

New Preciosa Terra Intensive Seed Beads

These lovely Preciosa Terra Intensive seed beads are the latest additions to our huge colour range and are already proving very popular.  The strong vibrant shades are great for all kinds of jewellery making and we have some great designs

Matubo Gemduos – Versatile 2-hole Beads

The 2-hole Matubo gemduos  are one of the most popular multi-hole beads.  Their diamond shape means that they are very versatile.  They nestle together beautifully but also work well with other 2-hole beads.  We have some lovely free projects from

Pony Beads – Easy Project Ideas

The very popular barrel pony beads are available in a huge range of single colours and mixes but pretty stars, flowers, butterflies and hearts are also available.  Use with cotton cord or stretch elastic to make quick and easy jewellery. 

Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Les Perles par Puca

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day jewellery, two hole beads can make some lovely interesting designs.  The Amos par Puca beads can be used to create lovely heart motifs while the  triangular Kheops par Puca beads

Charm Bracelets using stringing and stretch elastic

Strung charm bracelets can easily be made by threading some pretty beads and attaching charms and dangles between them.  Once you’ve made one you can easily adapt the basic technique using different types of beads or adding more charms to give a