Swarovski Valentine Projects with Classic and Wild Hearts

Valentine Earrings and Pendants with Swarovski Classic and Wild Hearts

These mini Swarovski Valentine’s Day Projects have been produced by their Create-Your-Style Team to show  you some easy design ideas and handy tips to create pretty earrings and necklace pendants using the Classic Heart Pendants and the Wild Heart Pendants.

You can download the Swarovski Valentine’s Day mini projects here

Swarovski Valentine’s Day Projects with Classic Heart Pendants

These classic pendants make beautiful earrings or a pendant.  You can easily make your own wire loop to go through the hole of these chunky pendants.

Floating Blue Heart Earrings

These stunning 18mm classic heart pendants make a gorgeous pair of earrings, shown here in Bermuda blue.  Just add a small heart charm for added interest.

Swarovski Valentine's Day Mini Projects
Floating Blue Heart Earrings

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Swarovski Valentine’s Day Projects with Wild at Heart Pendants

The Wild Heart pendants are a beautiful shape and come in 12mm, 17mm, 27mm and 37mm sizes and a good range of colours, giving lots of creative opportunities.

Wild Heart Earrings

Radiant Heart Earrings

This easy idea just suspends 12mm wild hearts from a heart connector to create a glamorous look.


Wild Heart Drop Earrings

The 17mm hearts in red magma are used to stunning effect.

Wild Hearts Earrings - Red Magma
Wild Hearts Earrings – Red Magma

Triple Vine Heart Earrings

If you love dangly charms, just use a connector with several holes for adding charms or beads to the 12mm wild heart.


Wild Heart Chandelier Earrings

If more is more, try adding 12mm Swarovski hearts and charms to the links of a length of chain, finishing with a 17mm Swarovsk heart.


Wild Heart Necklaces

Some of the larger hearts are quite chunky.  Here are two techniques for attaching the 37mm wild hearts to cord or ribbon to make a necklace

Suede Heart Pendant

The 37mm red magma pendant creates a very striking, elegant piece of jewellery when hung from ribbon on a wire loop.

Red Magma Wild Heart Pendant

Happy Valentine’s Necklace

Two pieces of narrow faux sued are strung through the 37mm heart and then wrapped with wire to hold the heart securely.

Rosaline Wild Heart Pendant

Triple Heart Necklace

Finally, this eye-catching necklace uses 12mm, 17mm and 27mm hearts.

Triple Heart Pendant
Rosaline Triple Heart Pendant

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Laura Ells