New Preciosa Engraved Pips

New Engraved Pips - Perfect for Flowers and Clusters

The Preciosa engraved pips are very versatile and work particularly well for creating floral designs.  They also work very well with the original pip beads.  We have some lovely projects and design ideas from Preciosa to show you just some of the ways you can use these.

Preciosa Engraved Pips

These new engraved pips are inspired by the very popular 5x7mm Preciosa pips.  The engraved pips measure 9x14mm and have 3 grooves on each sides.  Combine them with small seed beads to create delicate and elegant designs.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Preciosa Engraved Pips

Preciosa Engraved Pips Colours

We have all the Preciosa picasso colours which look gorgeous on these large pips.  We also have gold and silver engraved pips, lovely colours like sliperit and blue azure and a lovely ivory silk shade which would be perfect for wedding jewellery.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Flower Bib Necklace with Engraved Pips in Picasso Colours

We also have nine very pretty crystal-based colours, including matt crystal.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Transparent Engraved Pips

You can view all the Preciosa Engraved Pips here

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Flowers with Engraved Pips


Floral Designs with Engraved Pips

The Preciosa engraved pips are particularly good for creating floral designs and are ideal for Spring and Summer jewellery.  Here they’re combined with dagger beads to create a striking bracelet.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Engraaved Pips and Daggers Bracelet

Designs with Engraved Pips and Pips

The large engraved pips work beautifully with the smaller pips to create some stunning designs.  When combined with the smaller pips, there is even more potential to create beautiful floral jewellery

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Engraved Pips and Pips Pendant

You can view all the Preciosa Pip Beads here

Elegant Necklaces with Preciosa Engraved Pips

The size and shape of the engraved pips is ideal for making pretty necklaces and they also make lovely drops for earrings.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Engraved Pips and Drops Necklace

Chunky Jewellery with Engraved Pips

The large Preciosa engraved pips also make distinctive chunky jewellery like the Scales Bracelet

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Scaled Bracelet with Engraved Pips

Preciosa Projects with Engraved Pips

We have some lovely projects for you including the Scales Bracelet above and the Preciosa Distinctive Spiral Necklace below which also shows off the clustered effect.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Engraved Pips Distinctive Necklace

the very pretty Smell the Flowers pin shows how beautifully the engraved pips work with the pip beads.

Just click on the pink Projects Download button on the top left of the Engraved Pips shopping category to see these projects and more.

Engraved Pips Image Gallery

We have lots more gorgeous ideas from Preciosa – just visit our Image Galleries to see more.

Preciosa Engraved Pips
Flower Necklace with Engraved Pips


Laura Ells