New 8mm Cabochons par Puca

These new 8mm Cabochons par Puca are the latest additions to our range of round and oval cabochons par Puca.   They come in some of the most popular colours and we also have some lovely new projects by Annick Puca to show  you some different ways these little cabochons can be used, whatever your skill level.

8mm Cabochons par Puca

The new 8mm Cabochons par Puca are the latest additions to our range of Cabochons par Puca which include the round 14mm, 18mm and 25mm cabochons and the oval Athos par Puca cabochons.  The 8mm cabochons come in a range of beautiful colours including the popular matt metallic and chalk shades.  View the new 8mm cabochons here

Projects with 8mm Cabochons par Puca

We have some great projects by Annick Puca to show you different ways these cabochons can be used.  You can download these free projects on our website.  Just click on the pink PROJECTS DOWNLOAD button on the top left of the shopping page or click on the link here to download the 8mm cabochon projects by Annick Puca.

Sautoir Carietta Project 

This sautoir, or long necklace, is very easy to make.  The 8mm cabochons par Puca are simply glued into cabochon connectors which are then linked together with jump rings.  The cabochon sections are alternated with Baros and Konos par Puca sections to create a stunning necklace.

8mm Cabochons par Puca
Sautoir Carietta

Jade Bracelet Project

Puca’s step-by-step guide shows  you how to bezel the cabochons and link them together.  3mm bicones give added sparkle to this elegant design.

8mm Cabochons par Puca
Miss Jade Bracelet 1

You an also vary this design by just bezelling five cabochons and adding an adjustable bracelet chain.

8mm Cabochons par Puca
Miss Jade Bracelet 2

Miss Jade Earrings Project

This project shows you in easy steps how to add earring posts to make a very pretty pair of earrings.

8mm Cabochons par Puca
Miss Jade Earrings

Laura Ells