Preciosa Candy Ovals

Preciosa Candy Ovals were inspired by the very popular 2-hole round candy oval beads.   The candy ovals come in three sizes which gives lots of opportunities to create beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Here are some projects from Preciosa which

Design Ideas for New 8mm Cabochons par Puca

We have some great design ideas for the new 8mm Cabochons par Puca including using them with filigree shapes and in settings.  These little 8mm cabochons are very easy to use in this way and more versatile than you might expect

New 8mm Cabochons par Puca

These new 8mm Cabochons par Puca are the latest additions to our range of round and oval cabochons par Puca.   They come in some of the most popular colours and we also have some lovely new projects by Annick Puca to

14mm Cabochons par Puca

The 14mm Cabochons par Puca are part of the Cabochons par Puca range, together with the 18mm and 25mm round cabochons and the oval Athos par Pucas.  We have five lovely free projects by Annick Puca, the French designer of Les

Arcos par Puca Beads in Chatoyant Colours

Just in at these new Arcos par Puca Beads in chatoyant colours.  We love these 6 bright shades which have just joined the new Piros par Pucas which come in the same beautiful colours.  We also have a lovely new bracelet,

New Piros par Puca Collections

We’ve just added the new Piros par Puca Collections which are gorgeous chatoyant and pastel colours.  We also have some fabulous new patterns from Annick Puca for a pendant and earrings which show just what you can do with these little beads.

Mini Gemduos from Matubo

The mini gemduos are a smaller version of the very popular gemduos by Matubo.  Check out our free patterns for ideas from quick makes to  intricate designs.  These 2-hole beads can be used on their own for a quick make

More Jewellery with Paisley Duos

You can make some beautiful jewellery with paisley duos, used on their own or combined with other 2-hole beads.  The paisley duos work particularly well with ginko beads.  We have two lovely necklace projects for you as well as earrings

Paisley Duo Bracelets

.The 2-hole 8x5mm paisley duo beads are very versatile with a lovely colour range.  We have some great projects for Paisley Duo Bracelets which feature just the paisley duos or ideas for integrating them with other 2-hole beads such as

New Ice Slushy Cabochons par Puca

Check out the Ice Slushy Cabochons par Puca – we have 10 beautiful vibrant colours.  We also have three new free patterns by Annick Puca to inspire you including two lovely bracelets, a statement ring and even a bejewelled napkin ring.