Paisley Duo Earrings

Paisley Duo Earrings are easy to make with these pretty little 2-hole beads and we have some lovely free projects for you.  They’re quick to make up on their own or combine them with other 2-hole beads such as ginkos

Les Perles par Puca and Ice Slushy Colours

Check out Les Perles par Puca and Ice Slushy Colours – they’re perfect for giving your jewellery just a bright pop of colour or combine several shades to create a really rich opulent effect.  We also have some lovely earring,

Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Preciosa Seed Beads

Check out these new projects for Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Preciosa Seed Beads plus design ideas to create lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Ideas include rings, necklaces and pendants and bag charms. Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Preciosa Seed Beads –

Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Les Perles par Puca

We have some great free projects for making Valentine’s Day Jewellery with Les Perles par Puca including earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  The Amos beads are perfect for this purpose but we also include other beads such as Arcos, Helios and

Using Honeycomb Beads and Ginkos

Honeycomb beads work well with many other beads.  Angular beads such as gemduos are a good pairing but other good combination include less obvious matches such as honeycomb beads and ginkos.  Here are some projects combining both these beads, and

Using Honeycomb Beads and Other 2-hole Beads

The symmetrical shape of the honeycomb beads is very versatile and using honeycomb beads and other 2-hole beads together can create some lovely combinations.  They work particularly well with other angular beads such as gemduos and chevrons.  We have some easy free

More 2-hole Honeycomb Beads

There are lots of ways that you can ring the changes while using just these 6mm Czech 2-hole beads as the main bead.  Check out these free projects for bracelets, bangles and beaded beads which use a range of different techniques.

Czech 2-hole Honeycomb Beads

These Czech Glass 6mm 2-hole honeycomb beads are very versatile and work well on their own or combined with other multi-hole beads.   They can be used for a pretty quick make but also lend themselves to more complex designs.  Check

More Preciosa Christmas Projects

Our final Preciosa Christmas projects includes decorations such as bells, Christmas trees and ornamental snowflakes plus a pretty snowflake pendant and earrings set.  Check out these projects which are all available on our website and which can be made using

Preciosa Christmas Decorations

Here we have some more ideas for Preciosa Christmas decorations.  It’s always nice to be able to create your own baubles and we have four great projects using a variety of techniques.  You can then develop the basic techniques to create your own