2-hole Kite Beads from BeadSmith

These 2-hole 9x5mm kite beads can be used to make some beautiful geometric patterns and combine well with other geometric beads.  we have some lovely design ideas and projects  to show you some of the many ways you can use

New Fire-polished Micro Spacers

These versatile little 2x3mm micro spacers are the latest addition to our range of fire-polished beads.  There small size and pretty rondelle shape makes them very useful to edge and embellish projects.  We also have some lovely free projects for

CzechMates Tiles – Easy and Very Versatile

The 2-hole CzechMates Tiles are one of the most popular of the Czechmates beads.  They’re very versatile, easy to use and come in a lovely range of colours.  We have some great free projects and design ideas to show you how 

New Preciosa Engraved Pips

The Preciosa engraved pips are very versatile and work particularly well for creating floral designs.  They also work very well with the original pip beads.  We have some lovely projects and design ideas from Preciosa to show you just some

New Matubo Mini Gemduos

Our new range of the very versatile Matubo mini gemduos are just in with more colours coming soon.  Like the very popular gemduos, their diamond shape makes them very versatile and easy to nest together.  We have some lovely free projects to

New Kalos par Puca Beads

These little 2-hole Kalos par Puca beads are the  latest additions to Les Perles par Puca range.  They’re designed to work with the 15 other beads to create lots more design options.  We think they’re a very versatile addition to

Preciosa Crystal Beads, Pearls and Stones

Preciosa Crystal beads, pearls and stones are renowned for their cut and colour.  We now stock a great range of Preciosa Crystal bicones and round facetted beads.  We also have a lovely selection of round pearls and pretty drop pearls.  Plus we have a

Arcos par Puca Beads

The Arcos par Puca beads are one of the most popular of Les Perles par Puca.  Their curved shape lends itself to a host of creative designs and we have many great projects to inspire you. Arcos par Puca Beads

Versatile Czech Pinch Beads

These versatile little Czech pinch beads are great for adding a contrasting shape to your beadwork.  Their shape means they work well with many other Czech glass beads to give added texture or contrast.  They’re  also very handy for edging your